The shifting boundaries of reason

I sensed the pin tumblers of a lock rotate slightly and I was left holding the key to a different door. The new door, and the new lock, could only be opened by following a different understanding.

Antarctica: breathtaking paradox

When I was younger, I often wondered whether I would ever stand in a place that escapes definition because it is so unlike any other place on earth. A place that I would struggle to describe because the visual and emotional references demand a new vocabulary. A place that only a few have ever witnessed….

‘Gaz’ and ‘D‘

In the photo, Dan was holding a Tiger snake by the tail. I read in the local news that venom from one of these snakes killed a man the month before not far from the famous sea stacks we were about to climb. He looked at me and said “Good you’re wearing trousers. It’s harder…

The Martian

Some experiences are simply too strange to adequately describe. The morning I spent climbing in May in the desert area of Jordan called Wadi Rum is one example. My guide for this particular adventure was Abdullah, a man more at ease rock climbing with a panama hat than a helmet. During our day together he…

Climbing Cariocas

I went to Rio de Janeiro last November and I’m happy to tell you that every single stereotype about this energetic city is true. The beaches are packed with people wearing bathing suits that would get you arrested for public nudity in many US states. The city of Rio shouldn’t bother painting lanes on the…