The roots of wisdom

My garden on Salina is a place of joy and magic. Many friends and guests have sat mesmerized amongst the trees, flowers, bushes and vines looking out toward the sea. This poem is dedicated to Maurizia and her son, Roberto.

entwined, the branches dance together
the beat is slow
inaudible, incomprehensible to me
the ancient dance is their dance
caressing and competing in a secret world

the unseen artist, always present
countless hues and shades of green
the creator’s palette ever changing
weather and time decree
crimson, golden yellow, royal purple, Egyptian blue
white startles
flowers dance across the green canvass

sleep brings testing
relentless thrashing, salt and wind
another chapter, an endless story
birth brings joy to the vacant places

come, sit and think amongst creation
lazily thoughts come, the walls crumble
profound and intense
these thoughts must breathe here to live
the garden will keep them,
until you return

Graham Covington

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  1. Russell Duncan says:

    Very touching and thought-provoking.

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  2. Barbara says:

    That has many lovely images. Well done!

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